Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fast weight loss options NYC

  • What is the fastest way to lose weight in NYC?
  • What is the best diet to lose weight in New York City?
  • How about the best weight loss diet pill to burn fat?
  • What role does exercise play in helping me lose weight fast in New York?
If you have one of the above questions, you may not be alone.

Let us examine the science and art of weight loss using evidence based medicine so we can understand what truly works and what does not for weight loss!

First, understand what your body mass index is so you know what your risk is and also establish a baseline BMI that are starting with before starting your weight loss journey in New York City.
2nd, understand your health risk associated with your weight using a simple measure called waist circumference. As the distribution of the weight plays a far more important role in health risk associated with weight gain, it is important to know what your waist circumference is so you know your risk!

3rd, understand what may be causing your weight gain in NYC so you can start reversing this for fast, and effective weight loss!

If you have health insurance, you may want to find a weight loss program that accepts your health insurance for helping you lose weight fast in NYC!

NYC INSURANCE WEIGHT LOSS (718) 946-5500 OR (718)946-5501

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Mon - Fri 9 AM to 8 PM

Accept all major insurances. Limited enrollment at this time due to popular demand on a first come first serve basis. 

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